Ramdar Resource Management Ltd.

Ramdar Resource Management is a well-rounded resource management company that provides a highly skilled and competent team of operation engineers, project managers and well site supervisors to the oil & gas industry.
Our team is capable of overseeing Projects from well planning and programming through to construction, drilling, completion, well control, abandonments and workovers. The team has extensive experience in design, supervision and Project Management in drilling and completing conventional and unconventional HZ wells. Ramdar's experience includes deep critical sour wells. To date, Ramdar has drilled over 1000 HZ wells. These wells were drilled to depths of 6000m MD.

Ramdar Engineering, Wellsite Completions & Construction Services
  • Construction
  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Well Planning
  • Programming
  • Procurement
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Site Supervision
  • Well Control
Ramdar Scope of Oil Well Drilling, Completions & Construction Experiences
  • Horizontal Wells
  • Underbalanced Wells
  • SAGD Wells
  • High Temperature/High Pressure Wells to 5000 Meters
  • Critical H2S Wells
  • Multi-lateral Wells