Ramdar Resource Management Ltd.


Ramdar Resource Management Ltd. specializes in wellsite management ranging from domestic, international and offshore. Ramdar provides highly experienced professionals to the industry. The skilled team is composed of operation engineers, project managers and wellsite supervisors in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Ramdar has drilled and completed over 1,300 unconventional wells. A majority of the wells have been drilled horizontally in the Montney formation. Wells have been drilled to depths of over 6,200m MD. .

Client Benefits
Reduced drilling days translate to reduced costs. Cost savings are up to 35% per well. We use efficient well design, experienced personnel and industry safe practices.

NE BC Montney
  • Ramdar drilled the first ever mono-bore horizontal Montney well in 2005, and has been drilling in the Montney ever since.
  • We help clients from their initial well, all the way up to full scale development
  • To date Ramdar has drilled +/- 500 horizontal Montney wells in NE B.C.

NE BC Montney
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Activity Level
Ramdar has been extremely active in recent years and has built a team of experienced personnel that are able to tackle any project.

Top Drilling Operators

Source: https://boereport.com/well-map - June 2018
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